New Look !!    Same Old Stuff !!

That's right - It was time to refresh the ole website. . . . . .

Well actually, my computer had a bit of a meltdown and I HAD to update so while it's
a work in process, check back often to see it being rebuilt!!

The big news is I'm kicking off the Summer Music Schedule at Capt Bobs Crabs so
check out the 'SCHEDULE' page to take it all in!!
And if you have an event (Block Party, Graduation Party, what ever, give me a
Guitar & Harmonica Music for your venue
Large play list to choose from
Call me at 717-246-0307
My newest CD, "Lost & Found Love Songs II" is available !!

Yes it's loaded with songs which lament lost love as well as new found love (Get it??
Lost & Found Love Songs!!)   It's available both here as well as every gig that I play.
Someone recently asked me what a 'House Concert" is.  That's where I play a
purely Acoustic set usually in a home where guests will be invited to enjoy this
type of intimate setting.  It's a chance for me to tell a little about the songs and
allow the guests to pick from my extensive play list.
Feel free to ask me about how to schedule and set up a House Concert!!
Terry S Music